Daughters Of Ruth


Love, Joy, Peace

A home for girls where they can find a safe haven, and grow and be nurtured in the Lord.


    Daughters of Ruth, was founded by Joe Garman in Thailand as an extension of ARM (American Rehabilitation Ministries).  It has been field run by Thai pastor, Ajahn Boonlerd and staff.

     It was specifically started to help young Thai girls from ending up on the streets.  Most of these girls have either come from homes that have one or more members of their family in prison, some of the girls have been abandoned, or they themselves have come from the juvenile prisons. 

    The Daughters of Ruth home is a place where these girls can come and hopefully find the Lord, love, help and counseling; a place where they will have a Christian haven, a good education, and a chance at a better life.  The girls’ ages range from seven to eighteen. 

    My name is Angela Morse and I have been working with this organization for the past two years.  I grew up as a missionary kid right here in Thailand.  I felt the Lord calling me to continue to serve here among the Thai people at a young age.   A year ago I began interning for North Thailand Christian Mission.  (A mission that my family has been apart of for the past 3 generations).  I work with DofR as a branch of NTCM.


The Beginning: